Activity-centered vs results-centered wellness programs

So you've done your homework, consulted with employees and leadership, and have decided to implement a corporate wellness program in your institution. Congratulations! You've already made the most important first step: to commit to the health and wellbeing of your people power. Way to go! But wait right there. Think all wellness programs are the … Continue reading Activity-centered vs results-centered wellness programs

Drivers of the corporate wellness movement

The corporate wellness phenomenon, since its inception mere decades ago, has since skyrocketed in hype, popularity and market value. Employers are spending more than ever before on investments in human capital. A recent Fidelity and National Business Group on Health (NBGH) survey found that “employers spent an average of $693 per employee on wellness-based incentives … Continue reading Drivers of the corporate wellness movement

3 key components of a corporate wellness strategy

Corporate wellness programs generally aim to address several key areas of health and wellness, while tailoring the specific offerings of these programs to the needs of their workforce. At the same time, planning and evaluation steps are taken to ensure that the wellness strategy of the organization meets its top strategic priorities and is otherwise … Continue reading 3 key components of a corporate wellness strategy

How to fight chronic stress

Originally featured as a guest post on iamYiam's health blog. Stress is a natural feature of life - a programmed biological and psychological response elicited when we are confronted with threatening stimuli. This innate reaction is life-saving in some scenarios; but what are the consequences when a whole society is living, habitually, in fight-or-flight mode? The American Psychological … Continue reading How to fight chronic stress

There’s More to the Corporate Wellness Trend than You Think

While many recent corporate wellness trends focus primarily on promoting physical health and wellness, there are many other dimensions of wellness that should be considered by the employer when contemplating a corporate wellness strategy.   The University of California at Riverside defines seven dimensions of wellness, which they highlight to potential and current employees on their … Continue reading There’s More to the Corporate Wellness Trend than You Think

Nonprofit Professionals: Prone to Wellness Risks?

In her book, The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit, Beth Kanter explores the tendency of nonprofit professionals to prioritize work over their personal wellbeing. Nonprofit professionals tend to regard their work as highly important and likewise derive immense meaning from what they do. In many cases, they have sacrificed bigger paychecks and more prestigious careers for a … Continue reading Nonprofit Professionals: Prone to Wellness Risks?