What is a satsang?

Come with Chelsea on her journey through a Satsang to learn about the meaning of the ancient Sanskrit word.

How to overcome anything with the help of philosophy

Plato, Not Prozac! is all about utilizing the wisdom of ancient and modern philosophical traditions in order to put your life into perspective and come to peace with some of your most pressing problems. Why philosophy over Prozac? While prescription drugs often help to lessen the side effects of your depression, they do nothing to…

Our Life is Like a Play (Poem)

If you have any experience with meditation, ¬†you might be familiar with the sensation that is about to be described below. I wrote this poem in the rush of an emotional high – one of the many life offers us in the midst of its unpredictable twists and turns. We never know what is coming…

Is business evil?

Is business evil? Is capitalism evil? Explore these questions and more in this post on Human Resource Wellness.