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This blog was started with the intention of building a community.  We believe the power of a blog can be multiplied when we all contribute our own unique perspective and join the cause! However, of course, there would be some guidelines for those want to become a contributor. Here are the basic rules for submission:

  • The topic or message is up to you… however, it should ultimately be focused on improving personal or organizational wellbeing, or sharing a wellness mindset with others (directly or indirectly).
  • Content can also be any format that you like! This includes stories, educational articles, poetry, prose, photographs, infographics, recipes, videos, lists etc.
  • Your words should come from the heart – i.e. don’t force your writing! We want you to share your passion with us.
  • Feel free to link back to your website/blog or personal business – it’s a great chance to support each other in a win-win collaboration!

We’d love to hear your ideas on a topic or a quick pitch. Or if you already have some content pre-prepared which you think might fit nicely on the blog, you can send it our way for review. 

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Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂