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This blog was created because let’s face it:
we can do better. 🙈

Humans have been suffering unnecessarily for far too long. And while some insist to carry on in that tradition… 😖

We are the founders of a new way. The dreamers, thinkers, and doers who refuse to settle for anything less than the very best.👸

Body, mind, and soul. 💪💭💟

A wellness movement above all wellness movements, encompassing every aspect of the human being. 🙇

Expanding outward, into all corners of society, enveloping each organization and entity within its path. 🏠🏢

We are out to conquer the world, but don’t worry… we mean well.




Chelsea WorkmanCreator of Human Resource Wellness 

meA lifelong poet and writer, Chelsea discovered her passion for health and wellbeing as a young adult coming of age and going vegetarian, among other things. Her travel, work experiences and education in International Management all contributed to her realizing a desire to actively promote well-being and awareness, whether that be through writing, facilitating a meditation circle, or developing  a workplace wellness program. She curates content, oversees contributor posts, and writes regularly for Human Resource Wellness.


Elisabeth HilmerContributor and Co-Editor 

Elisabeth is interested in concepts that unite sustainability and profitability. As someone who already studied in France and Germany and gained work experience in the US, 18891830_10211267924206147_1052755297803901759_oFrance, Germany, and Australia, she is an experienced traveler. However, she is and always will be devoted to her home region in Lower Bavaria in Germany. She is passionate about topics such as biomimicry, the local movement, sustainable industrial design and other eco-friendly business practices. We tend to forget that we are not the only player in the ecosystem we live in – she wants us to learn from nature – to share and discuss mutually beneficial concepts and to learn from them.


Sinja BaumannMeditation Consultant

In 2012, Sinja was introduced to meditation and since then has been practicing it regularly to reduce stress, combat anxiety, and increase confidence. Combining her 20632511_10213830089169187_646142449_nbackground in International Management and personal interest in business, Sinja explored meditation as a tool for stress management in her bachelor thesis. She continues her research the practice by traveling to India regularly to meet with inspiring meditation teachers and study the human mind and the nature of change. She hopes to bring meditation to the masses by offering Meditation, Self-Discovery, and Self-Mastery workshops and retreats in her own business.


At Human Resource Wellness, as are always looking for inspired writers, wellbeing professionals, and business experts to join our talented team of contributors.

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