Are you up for unleashing your potential? Meet Selina: Potential Digger, Sound Coach & Body Therapist

Have you ever wondered if superpowers are real and if yes, which ones would be yours?

Well, there is a new woman in town; ready to tickle out your personal fire, your talents and capabilities and most important of all, your liveliness.

When I first met Selina, we were simply two people, looking for an apartment. What came next was completely unexpected; with her support and care, I embarked upon a journey to my own very essence.

With clarity, as if she could smell it, she guides you right where it hurts most: your blockages. She’s straight-forward, yet with the same intensity, she gently, playfully helps you to scoop all the answers out of yourself. With her guidance, I was able to access a deep source of clarity, focus and lightness within me and through her work, discovered my very own superpower.

Her allies in that mission? Voice, touch and movement.

Hi Selina, thanks for the session! I still feel giddy about that! And honestly spoken, I still don’t know what you do exactly.

Me neither! It can’t be summarized in one headline. I quite like the title “potential & liveliness digger and reminder”. I love to work with people and remind them of their very own essence. I use sound to give impulses, trigger and to transform blockages in various ways combined with what I learn in my training as a Shiatsu practitioner. In my perception, the most happens during an open session where I combine different methods in body work.

Do you use your own voice?

Yes. Voice has the power to transform super fast. It doesn’t necessarily have to be voice. It is one possibility.  For me, voice is most fun!

The sessions are really intuitive. It is also very effective to work with the clients’ voice. I love the way it helps to release, transform and offer grounding.

What is sound work for you?

Focus and clarity! Remembering.

Sound reminds me of aspects long forgotten and very primitive, most natural, intimate and familiar. It is like a fast lane to my core essence.

Where does movement come into play?

For a long time, I kind of lost the connection to my body. When I could feel it again, I realized that my body was communicating with me constantly. That´s so exciting! That’s why I encourage conscious movement and surrendering with your body. Some might label it as dance. For me, it is first of all, a movement through heart and listening.

You have a workshop coming up. Will there be dancing some dancing involved?

Yes, movement guided by heart and listening will be.  I’m quite excited about the workshop already!

What are you excited about specifically?

I cannot wait to work with a group and the dynamic that comes with it. That will be really special!

Tell me more about the workshop. What is this about and what can participants expect?

Ha! It is all about experiencing. So I cannot give any guarantees about what will happen. Maybe playshop is the more suiting word. We will explore playfully which tools can be used to become present and grounded. Sounding and conscious movement are the main forms of expression. Some parts will be done individually, while others will encourage a group experience or teamwork.

Explore yourself, become aware of your potential, come closer to yourself!

First of all: how does it feel when I am present? Becoming aware of what’s happening inside, brings about new choices for you. Do I want to continue like I have done before or otherwise: what ways of transforming are there for me? Becoming aware and using what is blocking you can release and balance your body system and give you a new form of freedom.

How can one sign up for the workshop or get in touch with you for a one-on-one coaching or Shiatsu session?

Just write me an email:

Selina, thank you alot for the talk!

Thank you, Chelsea! It was a pleasure. (Also thank you for the wonderful waffles!)


Interested in joining Selina’s workshop? Get all the details:

  • WHO: Everybody who loves to experiment with sound and perception is welcome to join the workshop. There is no need to be experienced in working with sound.
  • WHAT: VOICE ME / MOVE ME Klang & Bewegungsworkshop
  • WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018, 10 am – 3 pm
  • WHERE: Zentrum Sonnendeck, Volksgartenstr. 7, 4020 Linz

Songbird special: EUR 40,00

Sign up by wednesday 5th September and pay EUR 40,00 only

  • After: EUR 70,00
  • Register by contacting Selina at:

For more information about this event, see:

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