Reduce stress naturally with these 5 apps

I know that as a busy professional, your days are filled with endless to-do lists, tasks, and last minute fire drills, and those are just the items you have to address during the traditional eight-hour workday.

I won’t even cover all the activities that we cram into a short 12-15 hour period. Given that crazy schedule, I know that there might be some days where your stress and anxiety seem overwhelming. But fear not, I have a solution for you!

With the help of your smartphone (yes, that’s right), you can reduce stress naturally and relax your mind. Below I’ve highlighted some of my favorite apps that I use to help me relax. Read on to discover your favorite!

Enter a Whole New World with Meditation

One of the best ways I reduce stress naturally is through meditation. While, at times, I’m able to get into a meditative state by myself, I do get some assistance with three great apps.


Headspace: Featuring both guided and unguided meditations, this smartphone app is perfect for anyone. Headspace comes with ten free sessions, but splurging for a monthly fee will unlock hundreds of extra hours full of content.

Stop, Breathe & Think: This meditation app gives you the perfect space and skills to stop everything and relax your mind. Featuring guided meditations, Stop, Breathe & Think is specifically designed to let you take a “time out” so you can focus on yourself.

Calm: As the name implies, Calm allows you to feel and stay calm during a potentially stressful situation. Encompassing breathtaking backgrounds and a range of meditation sessions, this smartphone app provides a truly unique space for you to get away from it all.

Downward Dog Your Stress Away

Another activity that I do to help relieve stress and promote relaxation is yoga. While I do practice yoga after work hours, I often take a five-minute break at work to try and incorporate some simple yoga poses. There is a variety of great yoga apps for smartphones, and while I haven’t tried them all, I do have one go-to yoga smartphone app.


Daily Yoga: This free app offers more than 500 poses for you to try, some you can even do right at your desk! Plus, there are over 50 yoga sessions that have different intensity levels. Perfect for beginners and experts, Daily Yoga allows the relaxation to take over.

Breathe In, Breathe Out & Let Your Stress Melt Away

The last smartphone app that I recommend focuses on breathing. Even in the middle of a stressful work meeting or during a panic attack, focusing your attention on and controlling your breathing can help to calm you down and relax your mind.

Breathe2Relax: Created to offer different stress-relieving breathing techniques, this free app is also a great resource for information on stress and anxiety. The next time you feel that your stress is building up, let this app guide you into some mindful breathing.

And there you have it, five smartphone apps that will help to reduce stress naturally and allow you to relax your mind. Of course, those are just some of my favorites. What stress-reducing and relaxation smartphone apps have you tried and liked? Share them with us in the comments below!

Read more about how to overcome chronic stress here.

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