Contributor Stories: Our infinite nature: A story on death and eternity

I am an ordinary woman. I was not born with any special gifts or abilities that one would say are out of the ordinary.

Except for a belief, I had as a very young child. Maybe not a belief as such but a very deep inner Knowing that this life and the perceived solid forms of our bodies, were not the truth of what we truly are.

I do not know where this knowing came from, but I knew it was a Truth that I could hold on to. I did not understand why people were so distraught by death as I did not see it as an end of life. I also knew that if I had expressed such a notion to anyone around me, including my parents, that they would not understand.

So I traveled through life observing people and habits, feeling a bit of an outsider. I always had a strong interest in things of a spiritual nature, philosophical writings and new discoveries in science.

I had a very strong pull towards energy work and the healing arts and learned as much as I could but also looking at it as an observer, through science and philosophy to understand different perspectives. I felt a need to help people understand that they are much more than meets the eye.


I would like to share an experience that I had that may shine some light in that direction.

One lovely warm summers day I was sitting with a couple of close friends chatting about life and energy work.

At one point I became aware that I could feel a strong but comfortable energy coming into my body from above me. It felt like I was having a shower with energy. It flowed in and around me, engulfing the whole of my being.

I did not say anything to my friends at that point and continued to engage in conversation while trying to understand what was happening within me and this energy downpour. I had never experienced anything like this before but it did not frighten me in any way. As we chatted my friends became aware of this energy too and asked me if I was ok. I became still within and realized that this energy had something to do with my father. I did not know how or why but I knew it was for him.

I felt that I should ring him to see if he was ok.  My brother picked up the phone and assured me that our father was well and that they were having lunch together, laughing and reminiscing of days gone by. Comforted by his reply I continued chatting with my friends and enjoying our time together. But I could not shake the thought that this energy had something to do with my father.

That night I went to sleep and had a very vivid dream;

I saw a small, bare, lemon tree upright in my hand.  As I turned around I looked down to see that there was a dug out oblong shaped hole in the earth. I then saw the little tree horizontally being placed in the soil. Just before it rested in the soil I reached out my hand and a lemon, the last lemon, placed itself in the palm of my hand.

I awake in the morning with a sense that this dream also had something to do with my father. Puzzled and unsure what was going on I went to have my shower to start my day. I heard the phone ring and I rushed out of the bathroom to answer the phone call, feeling that this was important. It was my brother. He told me that our father had had a heart attack, that he was in the hospital and that the doctors did not expect him to last the day. I immediately finished dressing, packed a few clothes and drove the one and a half hour journey to be with my 2 brothers and my mother by my father’s bedside.

He hadn’t opened his eyes or responded at all since the heart attack happened. He was on oxygen and a heart monitor. We could see that the heart wasn’t very strong but it was still working. My brothers had previously rung my sister, who lived abroad, to get the next flight out to be with us. By the time I had arrived at the hospital she was already in flight. I, my brothers and our mother stayed by my father’s bedside talking to him and trying to get some response from him, but sadly there was none.

Around 12 o’clock noon one of my brothers needed to pop home for something, a 2-minute car journey. A few minutes later my other brother had received an important phone call and needed to go outside to take the call. At the same time, my mother felt tired and went to sit down on a chair which was a few yards away in the ward.

I was left with my father and sat on the edge of his bed by his side. In that moment I sensed that my father was just about to pass over. I knew that there wasn’t enough time to call everyone back even my mother who was a few yards away! I immediately held his hand and stroked his hair. His eyes still closed, I gently leaned down and whispered in his ear that it was ok to go and that we all loved him dearly. At that moment he turned his head, opened his eyes and looked at me with love, closed his eyes again as his head gently fell back on the pillow. In that second I felt an energy come out of his body and into my chest and flow up and out through me. The Heart monitor stopped its loud beeping.  My mother came running and began to cry.

Both my brothers returned a few minutes later, saddened that they had left when they did.

I was taken aback by what had just happened but I did not feel any fear or sadness just a sense of peace and that all was ok.  It then dawned on me that the purpose of the energy shower, that I had had the day before, was to help my father to pass over peacefully, and the meaning of the dream was telling me that I would be the one to take his last breath before he passed over. I think that my father’s energy passed through me as a way of connecting with me before continuing on his journey.

My father had a large garden at the back of his house that was full of fruit trees and vegetables, that he lovingly tended to each day. Each time we would go visit he would give us lots of fruit and vegetables that he had grown.


I particularly loved a lemon tree that stood close to the house. It had the most wonderful aroma that filled the whole garden when it was in bloom and it would constantly produce fruit. I loved it and my father would always give us lemons from it.

The tree still stands strong and bearing fruit, now tended to by my brother. Whenever I see it, it fills my heart with love and a strong sense of my father’s presence.

My sister did not make it in time to see our father alive, but to my sister’s delight, we were all gifted one more time by his energy presence on the day of his funeral. It gave her a sense of closure and a way of connecting with him one more time. He ‘stood’ by each of us at different moments through the day so we could all experience his energy to acknowledge that he was with us.

Although physically I miss my father dearly, I never felt the need to grieve and never went through the grieving process that most people go through. I felt totally at peace with his passing as I know he still exists on some level. Through the experience and through my childhood knowing, I feel life does not end at the death of the physical body. We are so much more than this.

Our physical body cannot function without this conscious eternal energy that animates it.

Very much like our electrical appliances that we use on a daily basis that will not function unless there is energy in the form of electricity running through them. Or our cars that will not run unless there is energy, in the form of petrol, running through the engine.

We are more so this conscious eternal energy than we are the body, our name, or the personality we have developed through life experiences, our likes, and dislikes.

Through science we now know that energy cannot be destroyed but only changes its form, and so too of us.

When we depart from this physical form our consciousness continues on, within or as one with this eternal energy. It is our Infinite eternal nature.

I see physical death as a transition or a new birth into another form of being. It is a journey that all living things must go through. Why be afraid of something that is part of nature?   When we observe nature we can see that it is a harmonious work of art and we and death are part of that.

Most people are afraid of death purely for the unknown aspect of it. But, do we not function on a daily basis not really knowing what is ahead of us?

We may plan our day but things do not always go to plan. And even if they do to some degree we still make adjustments to what shows up. We go with the flow adjusting to life’s good and bad. It is so much more pleasant and peaceful, to allow and flow into something that is so much part of our nature than to fear it.

By Ariela Hope

The author has asserted her rights under the copyrights act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the copyright owner and the publisher.


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